Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Tribute to Tyler

My college friend, Rachel just had a baby! Tyler is one month old today! Melissa, Meredith and I visited the proud parents, Rachel and Jason, to meet our new "nephew".

Mommy and Baby

Melissa, with a sleeping Tyler

Still sleeping in Mere's arms

Tyler and I had some fun together!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


In searching for Christmas presents, I came across this. At first, I thought I just wasn't paying attention....

To read more about boiling (furuncling?) irrigate in a twinkle, go here.

To read what furuncle really means, go here.

Toastess TJK-28W 1500-Watt 1-4/7-Quart-Capacity Cordless Electric Jug Kettle
Key features Toastess TJK-28W
  • 1500-watt cordless electric jug kettle chop-chop boils up to 1-4/7 quarts of irrigate
  • Automatically shuts turned which time irrigate starts to furuncle or if plugged in piece juiceless
  • Concealed stainless-steel warming outlines resists corroding and surmount build-up
  • Water-level window; hinged cover snaps parsimonious into localize; stay-cool palm
  • Measures 5-1/2 by 9-2/7 by 10-4/5 inches; 2-year modified surety

This uncommon sounding little contrivance is really a cordless jug kettle that boils irrigate faster than a zap oven or a stovetop burner. It apace starts the stewing treat at the stir of a change - it testament regular furuncle as small as ii compotation so it's outstanding on the side of unitary somebody only if. And notwithstanding added refuge, the jug kettle shuts itself sour automatically at the time the irrigate starts to furuncle; it testament too closed itself sour if the kettle is plugged in spell juiceless. The appropriate unsullied nerve warming natural medium resists corroding and surmount buildup. Please observe: Teakettle is cordless, no more than warming proper state requires an electrical exit. Does non sing.